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Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our largest clients have to say about P.W. Walsh & Co. As you read what some of our clients have to say, keep in mind that you, too, can have incredible results like these with P.W. Walsh & Co.

My company produces the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Machine Tool Expo, a biennial trade show held a Wisconsin State Fair Park. P.W. Walsh, our official machinery mover since 1989, has played an integral role in helping us to produce one of the most successful machine tool shows in the nation. Many of our 300-plus exhibitors utilize Walsh’s services between shows, so they endorse P.W. Walsh without hesitation, confident that Walsh knows their machines and how to handle them.

We have found all P.W. Walsh employees to be highly skilled, talented professionals. They are very safety-minded, efficient, and economical. When you add their friendliness and their willingness to always do more than is expected, you would be very hard pressed to find a better
machinery moving contractor.

Successive shows have presented new challenges, usually in the form of moving bigger machinery into smaller spaces. P.W. Walsh has continued to meet and overcome each new challenge they’ve been confronted with at our shows. We recommend them without reservation.

Jay P. – Wisconsin Manufacturing and Machine Tool Expo

I appreciate the service and professionalism of P.W. Walsh. Justin and Brian did a great job assisting G&L installing the boring bar in our Port Washington facility. The G&L installers had nothing but excellent comments on how knowledgeable and diligently they worked on the project. Coming under budget and under the scheduled time was also another huge relief on our end in these tough economic times. I was very pleased on how everything worked out since our company hasn’t used P.W. Walsh for rigging assistance before. With our growing company, we strive to become bigger and better than all of our competition, and this will mean we will have many projects upcoming in the future installing machines to replace older models. I will not hesitate in recommending your company to perform those future services. Once again, thank you for all the help.

Jordan S. – Manitowoc Cranes

I felt it was necessary to take time out of my day to drop you a short note. I would personally like to thank you for the outstanding service that you provided to our company yesterday. It is not very often that one of our vendors will go “above and beyond the call of duty” to help us out of a jam. Your companies ethics and attitude mirrors the standards we have set for our own employees.

It is often said that a dog is a mans best friend, but I believe “a great rigger is a machinery salesman’s best friend” is more appropriate. Thank you again for your efforts, they do not go unnoticed.

Scott E. B. – SCHWEDA

I am writing to express my appreciation to you for the exemplary job that Woody Dallman, Terry Helmbrect and Dale Jacklin did installing our bonding oven last week. They were able to completely install the oven housing in 4 days which exceeded our expectations. Woody, Terry and Dale displayed a work ethic and dedication that I have rarely seen in my 20 years of industrial experience. One aspect of their performance that I felt was particularly significant was their ability to quickly resolve problems and keep the project moving.

Based upon their performance, I will be contacting you in the future when we encounter machinery moving needs. Once again, we appreciate the good work your organization has done for Athens Products.

Joe R. – Athens Products

Thank you P.W. Walsh & Co. I appreciate your help! And hope we can do more business with you in the future. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

Amy M. – Walker Cleveland Corp

As always, it is great working with your crew as they are always very efficient and professional. Thank you in advance for your prompt follow up regarding this request.

Dee Dee B. – KMC Plant Manager

I want to commend you on a job well done. Woody, Justin and Dennis did a great job dismantling and loading the 2500-ton Youngstown aluminum extrusion press at Oilgear in Milwaukee, unloading and rigging all the large components at Superior Extrusions in Gwinn, MI. They are great ambassadors for P.W. Walsh.

Harold A. B. President – Harold Baker Consulting, Inc.

It was a pleasure doing business with P.W. Walsh regarding the Fairbanks Morse cmm move. During my ten years as a Service Engineer and Supervisor for DEA/Brown & Sharp and my eight years as the owner of Cal Plus, I have installed and moved hundreds of cmms all across North America. I have worked with both in-house and contracted riggers on the installation of these machines. I was impressed with the knowledge and competence that your personnel exhibited in moving such a delicate piece of equipment. You should be pleased to know that after reassembly, the machine squareness errors had only changed 0.0005″ over 42″. This is a minor adjustment to correct after such a move.

The gentlemen who assisted me in this move did a remarkable job in handling a fragile and highly precise piece of equipment in order to provide the end result we received for the customer. Please give my thanks to all those involved. I will be recommending your organization to my customers when your services are needed.

James K. – Cal Plus, Inc

Thanks for the great job your crew did over at McAdams Graphics! Shane certainly is a valuable employee and knows his rigging. The two other gentlemen also had super good work ethic and a good attitude.

Advantage Energy Group, Inc.