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Plant Relocation

When moving an entire plant to a new location, turn to a company that’s backed by more than 100 years of experience—P.W. Walsh & Co.!

We take inventory and log every piece of equipment to make sure nothing is overlooked. We will map the new facility layout and develop an installation schedule. And when it’s moving time, we can spread out the transition for minimal disruption or work around the clock to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

Each client works with one of our project managers, who coordinates all of the plant relocation logistics. Your project manager is your single point of contact and can address all of your concerns and eliminate any second-guessing of time frames and budgets. By offering quality plant relocation services and keeping in constant contact, you’ll know exactly how long your project’s downtime will be.

Once you’re in your new location, our team gets to work on installation, making all the proper connections and hookups for your equipment. With P.W. Walsh & Co. running your facility relocation, you can be confident in a successful outcome!

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